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Welcome to my website. It's designed to uplift and inspire you as you hear Evergreen Thoughts from those who often confess they are living their dreams and utilizing those talents with which they were endowed by their Creator.  This site also allows you to view my writings and contains information about purchasing my Thoughts for the Heart products.

Marvin Lowe
Carl Erskine and Marvin Lowe

The idea of my program began in June of 1991, as a result of interviews for a local radio station.  The interviews were with one of baseball's top pitchers and one of the game's finest managers.  In early 1992,

I began to seek out those in the sports, entertainment and business worlds who might offer others "A Positive Look . . . Inside Positive People."  I asked them how one might find and understand their gifts, pursue their dreams, best handle adversity, and how they felt about being a role model.  They also commented on their role models.  At first, these little "chats" were developed into twenty and thirty-minute once-a-week radio shows, but later they became daily, inspirational and informative, radio program vignettes.

As you read this message, you'll hear the music of one of those gifted and talented people. It's the music of songwriter David Combs and his Beautiful Thoughts album, performed by Gary Prim.  You'll find a place for ordering Combs' Music on my links page.  You can visit them at www.combsmusic.com, or call them at 1-800-932-6627.

"Thanks for the genuine way you present personalities through your interviews.  I watched you as an athlete, businessman and family man.  Your positive approach in life rubs off.  Call me anytime."  -Carl Erskine, former Dodger Pitcher

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