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Guest Reflections

"Thanks for the genuine way you present personalities through your interviews.  I watched you as an athlete, businessman and family man.  Your positive approach in life rubs off.  Call me anytime."  -Carl Erskine, former Dodger Pitcher

"Enjoyed interview. Questions were insightful. Presentation was very professional."  -Ernie Harwell, Sportscaster, Detroit Tigers

"It was terrific and then some. Keep up the excellent work." -George Toma - NFL and MLB playing field consultant

"A great program! Enjoyed participating. Need more golf programs for those who enjoy radio listening."  -Walter Morgan, Pro Golfer, Senior PGA Tour

"Great job! Your editing captured the essence of our interview." -Barbara Jean Germano, Sports Photographer, Moments in Time Sports Photography, Rochester, NY

"I was extremely pleased with it. Marvin, you do a first rate job. It offers a message that all can learn from. Keep up the fine work." -Marty Brennaman, Sportscaster, Cincinnati Reds

"The variety of thoughts and topics represented in the different interviews is interesting. This is surely caused by the careful selection of interview partners, who really have something to tell. It is well designed and professionally done!"
-Manfred Lepp - short-wave listener, Iloilo City, Philippines,

"Marvin Lowe is so genuine and sincere that he brings out the best in the people he interviews.  After an interview - I feel as though I have spent 30 minutes with an old and dear friend." -Bernie Kish, Executive Director, College Football Hall of Fame - South Bend, IN

"... great questions... a good listener... easy to talk to... editing made the show flow and fit. Thanks for asking me to guest on The Inside Pitch." -Milo Hamilton, Sportscaster, Houston Astros

"It conveyed a lot of information in an appealing fashion. The interview was painless and positive. The interviewer was encouraging and brought out the best of the subject."  -H.J. Bartels, Curator, Iolani Palace - Honolulu, Hl


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