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About The Host

Since early 1992, through The Inside Pitch, Marvin Lowe has interviewed hundreds of successful men and women in the public eye.  What began as an interview of Tommy Lasorda for a friend's radio show inMarvin Lowe Anderson, Indiana, has now turned into Marvin's intermediary calling to bring something to others.  From those people who usually confess they are living their dreams, come comments on how we might find those gifts with which we are all endowed, and best pursue our calling in life.

Lowe pursued his love of baseball as a youth and played professionally for a few years.  For many years, he continued to participate in baseball and coached at the Babe Ruth and American Legion levels. He was also an assistant high school coach.

His love of working with youth led him to boy's club work and he later entered the finance business. In 1958, Marvin began a career in the life insurance business and  later specialized in Marvin Lowe - 1953working with teachers and not-for-profit organizations. His newfound interests in radio and writing influenced him to leave that field in January of 1997.

Through the encouragement of others, Lowe discovered his gift for inspirational writing in 1992 and, later, began marketing them through his
Thoughts for the Heart products. One of his first poems, Snowflake, relates to the uniqueness of each individual and the importance of our being an inspiration to others. His writings are uplifting, encouraging, touching, humorous, challenging, and aimed...straight for the heart!

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